Saturday, February 25, 2012

Canadian Prairie Sunset Tour

It is winter in Alberta, with snow on the ground and temperatures going down to minus 15 degrees Celsius.  I am yearning for some travel.
Perhaps a remedy for today would be to share my travel itinerary for a trip we did with friends in the summer of 2009.
Sunset at Grasslands National Park
We called this the Canadian Prairie Sunset Tour.  This lovely circuit through Southern Saskatchewan involves gravel roads and lots of natural areas. It will give you a chance to appreciate the incredible beauty of the prairie landscape. 

Here is a Google map with all of the highlights: 

Our Campsite at Grasslands National Park
St. Victor Petroglyphs Provincial Park


Bob said...

I think the thing that impressed me about the Prairies the most was the way the road would go straight out to the horizon and disappear. Well, that and the "Big Sky" aspect as well.
Not to be discounted as a travel destination.

Oh, and the consensus is, get rid of the double word verification.
Pain in the ass.
Just a suggestion, mind you. But Blogger will nap all of the spam comments. Just sayin'.

Bob said...

"nab", not "nap". And I proof read twice. *sigh*

Dean said...

Thanks Bob. It is strange that the word verification setting is not visible in the new Blogger interface, so I had to switch back in order to find it. Therefore I did not realize it was turned on. I have turned word verification off.