Sunday, February 5, 2012


The dinette cushions have been looking really tired the last few years, despite a good annual steam cleaning.

The covers have a zipper on the end, but I have never removed them, because the tufting (buttons) is sewn straight through from top to bottom.  The other upholstery is also a little tired and in need of either covering or replacement, but that will be a later post. 

I took the dinette cushions to an upholstery shop to look into re-covering them.  Here's the quote from Simmering Upholstery

4 cushions flippable no buttons: re-use the foam:

X 4 = $580
Fabric = 6 yards
X 6 = $450

That's right, $1030.00 for a set of four cushions!  That's clearly not a reasonable option.

So I consulted a fabric store and found that the tufting can be removed because each button has a shank on the underside which is shaped like a hook, and the upholstery thread can just be unhooked from the shank and pulled out.

The fabric store carries long needles that I can use to pull the thread back through the cushions after I wash the covers.  So, the covers are now off and being washed in a washing machine for the first time.  I'll update this post later when I reassemble everything.

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