Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Loving Look in the Rear-view Mirror Part 1

I'd like to reminisce about some of the places my beloved Motorhome has taken us.  

Before we bought our Motorhome in 2001, we had a long history of camping.  

My father (early in his life) worked for the RCAF in air search and rescue, so he loved camping in remote places and had an interest in wilderness survival skills.  
LOML and I camped as children with our parents and siblings in canvas tents.  We have many fond memories of those times with our families.

When we married, LOML and I camped in a 2-person tent, and went on several long-distance bicycle tours through British Columbia.  When children arrived, we graduated through several tent trailers of various sizes, and finally to our Motorhome.

Here is a list of the trips we took in the first 14 months of motorhome ownership:

  • Nov. 2001 Cub camp at Sylvan Lake Alberta.  The other fathers, who had to bunk with the Cubs, were jealous.
  • Nov. 2001 Ski trip to Lake Louise, Alberta.
  • Dec 2001  Ski trip to Lake Louise, Alberta.
  • Jan. 2002 Ski trip to Fortress Mountain in Kaninaskis Alberta.  Stayed at Mt. Kidd RV Park.
  • Feb. 2002 Cub Camp at Valaqua, near Water Valley, Alberta.
  • April 2002 Ski Trip to Lake Louise, Alberta.
  • May 2002 Cub Camp near Brooks Alberta.
  • May 2002 May Long Weekend (Victoria Day) in Maclean Creek near Bragg Creek Alberta. 
  • July 2002 Peter Lougheed Park Alberta
  • July 2002 Radium BC with LOML's parents.
  • August 2002 New Mexico to take Eldest Son to his college.  Went with several friends and their children and spent 24 days on the road.  Anticipation of this trip was the main reason we were motivated to purchase a motorhome. Some highlights:
    • Lewis and Clark Caverns MT
    • Yellowstone National Park, MT and WY
    • Dead Horse Point State Park, UT
    • Mesa Verde CO
    • Bandolier National Monument, NM
    • Carlsbad Caverns, NM
    • United World College, Las Vegas NM
    • Bryce Canyon, UT
  • Dec. 2002 Ski Trip to Sunshine ski resort near Banff Alberta.
Total Nights of camping: 49

Ski Trip to Fortress Mountain

United World College, Las Vegas New Mexico

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thanks For Following

When I started this blog, I noticed something interesting.  A few bloggers acknowledge when you follow them.  That's a nice touch that makes a reader feel appreciated and noticed.  If the  blog is popular it generates a lot of traffic back to the reader's blog. I noticed that when Al from The Bayfield Bunch said hello on his blog.

So, welcome to: 

I don't have time to write on this blog often; maybe once a week or so.  I hope my posts merit the interest of these people who have followed the blog so far.