Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lake Louise

Delayed post: April 11

Today we went to Lake Louise, Alberta.

Link to Google Map  Coordinates: 51.417516,-116.215932

Took the trail to Fairview lookout, overlooking Chateau Lake Louise.  In winter this is a snowshoe trail, but by this point in the spring it is hard and compacted so we were able to hike without snowshoes.

The trail starts on the west end of the upper parking lot.  At first we could not find the trail because the signs are confusing.  Proceed west into the trees to join the main trail, which runs North-South beside the parking lot.

Ignore the sign on the right - it will get you lost! 

It was really hot today - about 15° Celsius.

View of the Chateau Lake Louise from Fairview lookout.

Lake level, in front of the Chateau.

Chateau Lake Louise
Here is a panoramic view, standing on the ice in the lake.

1 comment:

Bob said...

"Really hot". "15".
You're seriously messing with a lot of heads out there.
The snow pack still looks pretty deep. I actually wouldn't have thought there would be that much still around.
I understand the snow accumulation has been a bit unusual all across Canada.
My brother in N.S. said they had little to no snow, which is a bummer for him, since he likes to take a team of horses into the woods to "play". Need snow for that.